Kelly & Nate

If you have never been to Baltimore, you are truly missing out. There is so much to do in a 4 mile radius, all around the harbor. A wedding right off of the Baltimore Harbor is an awesome wedding in my book. Kelly & Nate provided an incredible ceremony and reception at the American Visionary Art Musuem. Also a big shout out to an awesome DJ who kept the crowd moving and grooving all day.

What a unique and fun wedding to be a part of. Thank you Kelly & Nate. Best of luck in your new life together.


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With March in full play and the Rams about to take on Akron this Thursday, lets all take a look back at any Ram fan’s favorite past time to date.

My freshman year at VCU I started taking pictures for The VCU student newspaper, The Commonwealth Times. I did a whole lot of dumb jobs when I first started, but later moved up the totem pole. At the end of the year I was asked to be the photo editor, I had no idea my life would be dramatically effected by this.

March came around and we all thought maybe the NIT… We were wrong. VCU’s name was selected. I sat in my kitchen in Virginia Beach during selection Sunday. When VCU popped up I lost my mind. Ran outside to my dad who was mowing the lawn and couldn’t contain myself. Told him what had happened and the rest was history.

With three of my close friends we traveled to Dayton, Ohio. Chicago, Illinois. San Antonio, Texas. Finally, we arrived in Houston, Texas. This trip was something that I will never forget. I was blessed to be a part of something so amazing. Who knows when it will happen again.

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Wedding Season

It has arrived. Probably my favorite time of the year. This weekend marks my first wedding of the season and I am excited to get back into the game.

Here are a few photos from my favorite year to date. Some you have seen, some you haven’t.

Lets make this year better than last year. If you have a friend who is getting married or you are getting married yourself, don’t hesitate to email me for prices and availability.


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Tucker goes to Boston

As you may remember, I was doing a story on my friend’s kid who was traveling to Boston. I had the opportunity to travel with them to Boston. Here are a few photos from the past few days.

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Hannah & John Forys

Talk about a beautiful wedding. Awesome weather, great venue, and a beautiful couple is what most photographers dream about. This was all three, and I was honored to shoot such an amazing wedding. Big thanks goes out to Kate Magee who allowed me to shoot her best friend’s wedding and a big thanks to Zach Gibson for being an amazing photographer and helping me out on such a big wedding.


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Brooke & Rick Lepley

I love me some Richmond weddings. Its the best of both worlds. You can have a city wedding or can drive 15 minutes and have a wedding in the country. This was an awesome city wedding. Right in the heart of downtown.

Brooke and Rick could not have been more laid back, I loved hanging out with them and getting to know them. Thank you so much allowing me to be a part of your wedding and I can not wait to shoot your sister’s wedding in 2013!


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Tucker Sibiga

“Remove yourself from the story.” That is the golden rule in photojournalism.

I simply can’t do that with this story. While editing these photos and getting this blog post ready, tears stream down my face.

I have now photographed the Sibigas a total of three times over the period of a month. When I walk into this little room full of peaceful babies, everything goes away. I don’t care about the world. My phone stays in my pocket and any stress that I had going in; it leaves me. Quite possibly one of the greatest feelings I have ever had. Just being around these little babies that are so helpless creates a stillness that I can’t explain.

Enough of me though, let’s talk about Tommy and Ellie (Mother and Father of Tucker). For the past 110 days they have traveled in to see their baby boy. Every day they walk the same halls pick up the same phone and see the same sights. The only thing that has changed is their little boy.

Together these three have become a family. Reading this blog post, or reading their blog will never allow us to understand what they have gone through. Yes it has been tough and I am not saying that it was easy, but if you talk to them they aren’t scared. Their relationship has grown so much from this experience because they are the only ones who truly understand what the other is feeling. They have become one of the coolest, strongest, and most loving families that I know. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story.


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