This woman had beautiful features. Im not sure how old she was but she was beautiful.

A masked man uses his handmade wheelbarrow to transport the trash back to his trash made home.

Though these kids have nothing they were so happy the whole time we were there.

A boy and his horse adventure through the trash filled water.

I am in love with the eyes on this photo.

This is a close-up of the boy on a horse. I love this image and it could possibly be my favorite image of all times.

Two years ago around this time I was sitting in my desk in high school thinking about what would be the most profound trip I would ever go on. I travelled to Nicaragua not knowing much about the country or what I had gotten myself into. While in Nicaragua we went to what is called “La Chureca” (translated into The Dump). This was extreme poverty, like nothing I have ever seen. I went thinking that I could make a difference for the people there, little did I know the people were going to make a difference for me. While I was there I hoped to catch the beauty of these people even though they lived in complete distraught. These photos have not been seen by my new followers and thats why I wanted to bring them back. The photos below are a combination of two trips.

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6 Responses to Nicaragua

  1. Courtney Clark says:

    Your vision and eye for the world around you continue to amaze me. Thank you for sharing the beauty that you see. I look forward to each new shot!

  2. Courtney Clark says:

    How about the 8×10. Then I can spend money on great framing too. I’d love to have that face hanging in my classroom. I would be inspired by that!! I’m sure your dad would be a happy go-between!! You can email me at By the way, your wedding photos were amazing. I would love to have you take some of Allie – my lab companion. Maybe we can work out some time when you are home. We hang out at the beach a lot with some other dogs.Maybe one day you could tag along and get some shots of the bunch of them. She has two yellow lab friends and one mutt who is gorgeous!

  3. vale9606 says:

    I stumbled upon this blog post by accident and I couldn’t agree more. These trips to third world countries truly change people, for the best. I was lucky to go in a trip to Nicaragua last year and your photographs truly captured beauty. Post more pictures por favor. 🙂

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