Wedding Time.

Tomorrow is a really big day. Ever since I started taking pictures I followed wedding photographers. I was in awe at how they did what they did to create such beauty on an amazing day. Tomorrow will mark my first wedding and to say I am not nervous would be a lie. I have been rummaging through photos from respective wedding photographers and writing down notes and checklists for about 2 weeks now. I am not sure how much all this will help, but its done. Tomorrow I have two options. I can go in with all my ideas, the rules I have learned, other peoples photo ideas, or I can go in it with a blank slate. The blank slate is what I am aiming for. Most photographers have a style. I want to create my style tomorrow. Below are some amazing wedding photographers that I have followed for a while. One, Casey Templeton, has helped me so much in my walk as a photographer. Last thursday Casey took the time to sit down with me and tell me the basics on what needs to be done tomorrow. Please stay tuned and check back to see the photos from my adventure.

Casey Templeton Photography

Scott Hayne Photography

Katelyn James Photography


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