Emotional Young-ins

Last night I was able to shoot for the Hopewell News here in Richmond. It was the Second time I got to shoot for them and they are a great little newspaper that is so easy to work for!

So my job yesterday was to shoot girls high school basketball. Upon arrival I was not to sure with what to expect. I arrived at Petersburg High and it felt as it was the school from Coach Carter. I was not certain that at the end of the night I would walk out of there with all my gear. I felt very out of place with being 1 of possibly 5 Caucasians. Playing basketball in highschool might have helped with this. Though I was scared I strangely felt okay and went on with what I had to do.

Before my game started there was a JV game. These girls were great. They provided so much emotion and were a lot fun to watch. Besides the girls the coach was great to watch. I started watching and was drawn to start taking pictures of this game while I waited for the next game to start. Check out the photos.

The JV girls coach of Petersburg high frantically tells her team to foul with less than a minute to go in the game verse Thomas Dale.

A player for Petersburg High frantically cries after she knows the game will result in a loss for her and her team.

After the game came to a 5 point spread with 3 seconds left, the coach of Petersburg knew it was over.

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