Faces of The Snow

So today started out with a snow day and an exam. I was not extremely excited about the snow because I left my long johns and snow stuff at home so I was a tad bit cold. I think the exam went okay but who knows. I got home to study for my exam at 5 and got a letter from a contest I recently entered. The letter informed me that I did not win. I was a tad bit sad because I thought I could have won. Though I was bummed I decided I would take a quick break to take some pictures of the snow.

Upon starting to take pictures of still life boring snow I saw many people walking in the snow so I decided that I would take some time and capture the Faces of The Snow. It was a good time to just go out and shoot for me and not for a paper or for someone else. I also was able to let off some steam from not winning the contest. As I was walking I started thinking about all the things that I dislike about the snow. I hate how my feet get wet and cold every time it snows. If you read this post, comment and tell me what your least favorite thing about the snow is.

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