VCU Basketball vs. Georgia State

VCU is now number one in the CAA and I could not be a happier man. The boys are playing great with a win over ODU yesterday and we take on Towson tomorrow.

During the game Vs. Georgia State the athletic director for VCU called me and asked if I could shoot for him due to an emergency with his photographer. I gladly excepted the offer and was privileged enough to shoot for the VCU Sports website. The rest of the VCU vs. Georgia State mens basketball album can be found by clicking and I hope you check it out! Thanks for following.

No. 21 Jamie Skeen from North Carolina gets a steal and then produces a game changing dunk for the Rams during the VCU vs. Georgia State game.

Early in the first half Senior from Florida, Joey Rodriguez, plays tough defense causing a last resort time out.

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