Creating Followers

If you ask any photographer what they want in their photography, most of us will answer with something along the lines of… “We would like to be seen. Would like to be a photographer that stands out and people notice.” I often struggle with this. I find myself looking for my satisfaction not in the quality of photos, but in the fact the amount of comments they get on Facebook or the amount of views my blog receives in a day.

I may have found the solution to this. Yesterday was the CAA Championship Basketball game and VCU was in the finals. Now I knew that these photos would get a lot of looks due to the fact that it is the Finals and it was such a big game, but I also decided to take another approach at it.

I usually shoot basketball games and just strive for getting the action of the Basketball players. This is good because its fun for those guys to see their photos, but I am not going to lie… They see photos of themselves all the time and they could care less about another photo of them dunking. They are not going to comment on them and ultimately, they probably do not have time.

This game was different. I made it a point to shoot the fans. I made sure that I took countless photos of people getting excited about the game. This turned out to be the missing key to me being seen. I posted these photos this morning and within 10 hours I jumped up 22 fans and received 54 notifications of people “liking” or commenting on photos.

What is the moral of my story? If you want to be a photographer that people notice and like, you need to take pictures of people. People love to see photos of themselves and if you are the one to take those photos, they usually will respond with kind words and happiness towards you. Photographers who shoot cars and still life are great, but I would go out on a limb to say that their business would not go as far as one who shoots people.

Do not get me wrong though… I am still very far from being a photographer that is well respected and well known. I am taking steps though, and it is fun to see my learning process in all of this.

Look at these photos and also click the first photo to look at the full album on my Facebook fan page.

VCU students flood the Richmond Coliseum on Monday, March 7th 2011 for the CAA Basketball Championships with Virginia Commonwealth University and Old Dominion University.

Virginia Commonwealth freshman Darrell Haley dunks early in the CAA Championships on March 7th, 2011.

Freshman Sam Edwards cheers on his fellow VCU Rams in the CAA Championships. The sounds coming from the VCU fans were deafening.

VCU Cheerleaders were a huge part in pumping up the crowd during the championship game.

The VCU dance team gets excited as the VCU Rams show signs of a comeback during the second half of the CAA Championships.

VCU fan, Jim Thompson, shows the Referee his disproval for a call made late in the second half of the CAA Championships.


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