The Road Ended Here

The Final Four. People dream of going there and taking photos. I was lucky… very lucky. My trip was paid for by the VCU Student media center.

There were 5 of us that had travelled with the VCU team. We went to Dayton, Ohio and watched the Rams take on the USC Trojans. We flew home and a day later we were sent to Chicago, Illinois to stomp the Georgetown Hoyas then the Purdue Boilermakers (not sure what a boilermaker is). We were not done though. I came home for about three days to try and catch up on my school work, but after that it was off to quite possibly the greatest city I have been too. San Antonio Texas. While in San Antonio we ate more than enough Tex Mex and watched the Rams barely squeeze by on a last minute shot to FSU Seminoles. Then lastly it was the No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks. VCU was now in the Final Four.

The final four was different. The minute we got off of the plane in Houston, Texas we were greeted with NCAA groupies that passed out squishy basketballs. We got in our cab with our VCU shirts and we had an instant new best friend… our Cab driver. The hotel was perfect. Our front yard was the stadium and the best of it all, we had our faces on our Media Passes. The game was rough. We fell to the Butler Bulldogs and had to watch a horrible National Championship. All in all though. I was a happy Ram.

Words can not describe the experience that I had. I met so many amazing photographers that one day I hope to work with, I ate some good food, and got to take photos that I will never forget about. Thank you VCU Basketball for taking me around the United States in a few days.

VCU head coach Shaka Smart steps off the bus for the game against the Butler Bulldogs.

VCU Junior, Toby Veal, backs down Butler Junior Matt Howard.

Rowdy Butler fans cheer on their basketball team during the NCAA Semi Finals vs. the VCU Rams

VCU head coach Shaka Smarts does his best to rally his troops during the game against Butler.

Leann Rimes performed the Star Spangled banner for the NCAA National Championship Game with UConn and Butler

UConns Kemba walker goes up strong and gets fouled against the Butler Bulldog's defense in the 2011 NCAA National Championship game.

UConn freshman, Tyler Olander, Celebrates as his team takes the Number 1 basketball team in the nation

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