Trademark is defined by Webster as; “A symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.” This symbol is used to brand or remind you of a company or product.

In High School I played basketball. My job was never to be the leading scorer. My job was simply to play defense to the best of my ability. I adopted this role during my four years in high school. I tend to think that I am a nice guy who is pretty easy to get along with, but while playing basketball I transformed into a new person. I wanted to scare people, intimidate them and be the meanest I could be on the court. Whether I was guarding division 1 college athletes or just your average joe, I did my best to completely shut these athletes down. Some times it worked and sometimes it did not. By the end of my senior year my friends would pack my high school gymnasium to watch me play defense, get angry and often make a complete fool of myself. At the end of my senior year I received an award from my coach. It was an award for not just my basketball team, but for all of the seniors at my school. While my coach was giving me this award he talked about the person I became on the court and how it was completely different than the person I truly was. When I played I took this new attitude and turned it into my trademark. It was who I was and people loved it.

While I was walking through Urban Outfitters, quite possibly my favorite store. I stumbled upon some colorful and very unique socks. These socks were perfect because they are thin and go great with dress shoes. I purchased a few pairs of these socks and I am going to wear them whenever I go and take photos. This is a way for my followers and fans to relate to me in a completely different way. I promise you that these posts will create laughs and a good time. I will use twitter and my facebook page to showcase the socks that I am wearing. I want you to follow me and my journey with these socks. I would love to take suggestions on new socks that you see. Who knows maybe your socks will end up on my feet.

I am headed to D.C. in about 15 minutes to photograph Shaka Smart at an event for my VCU. So here it is, my first sock post. “SHARKKKKKSS.”

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