Greta the Great.

July was a rather exciting month for me. Despite the fact that I had no photography jobs, meaning that I had no income, I had an exciting month.

My excitement started on July 4th. As I looking through my twitter feed I saw that my friend Casey Templeton had a surprise puppy that landed on his doorstep. Casey wanted to desperately find the original owner or find a new owner. He posted a picture of this beautiful puppy sleeping. I was hooked. I had to meet this puppy. I texted Casey and the next morning I was up early and on my way to playing with this tiny little creature.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a very timid but still friendly little animal. She sat quietly as I played with her belly and rubbed her head. We then travelled to the grass where she chased me for a while and then proceeded to fall asleep. Ashley, Casey’s wife, came outside and asked me what I was thinking. I told her I was hooked and I wanted to take her home. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I have had some tiny animals before that required a small amount of care, but never had a dog that I was fully responsible for… especially not a puppy. This puppy has changed me as a person. I now am awake before 11 am not only because I want to and I am much more productive, but because I have to. I now have to look after something that depends on me. She depends on me to feed her, to take her out, to walk her daily and she depends on me for love. It is quite an honor to know that something looks to me for life.

A lot of people look at me like I am crazy when they find out I have this puppy that will grow up to be a pure bred 60 pound female pit bull. Many people also ask me what I am doing to take care of her. I am asked if I have taken her to the vet, if she has her shots, and my favorite, “Are you going to make her mean.” She is loved, meaning she is treated like a million bucks.

Greta is now a 21 lb ball of pure happiness. She goes with me almost everywhere and we are inseparable.

Without further ado I introduce to you, Greta.

Photo: Kate Magee Joyce

Photo Kate Magee Joyce

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