My Christmas Tree is Better Than Yours

Holy moly it has been a long time since I posted on my blog. I am sorry but deep down I know people do not really want to hear me ramble. I hope this post makes up for the fact that it has been a while since I chatted on here.

As some of you may know, it is Christmas Eve. It may not be cold enough to be Christmas Eve but I promise if you look at your calendar it will say December 24th, 2011. You probably have your Christmas tree set up and maybe even your big blow up snowmen outside of your house. One thing that you do not have is a Christmas tree as cool as my families.

Ever since we were born my mom has made a point to get us an ornament every year. This ornament tells a story of our lives during that year. So instead of having a tree that is filled with cute little glass or colorful balls we have wild and crazy ornaments that tell a story. Besides having an awesome tree that tells a bunch of stories, when I leave my home and start my own family I will have ornaments to take with me to start my own tree. These ornaments will bring back memories and allow me to tell my kids some of the many things I have experienced. It is a tradition that I look forward to every year and I am so glad my mom started it. It is also something that I will pass down to my children.

1991 My first Christmas

In 1997 our family got our first dog "Bear."

In 2006 (my sophomore year) I was really big into the gym. Therefore I got Popeye. He sits right below the angel every year.

I received a camera my junior year in highschool.

When I turned 18 I went through a phase where I smoked high class cigars. My mom HATED it, but yet she still found some humor that year.

Last year I was given this ornament because I carved my first pumpkin ever.

I am pretty certain on what this year will include for my ornaments but I don’t want to tell you and be wrong. I would love to hear your traditions. Tell me about them. Merry Christmas.

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