My new friend Tucker

Words do not really describe how excited I am to announce what may be my favorite project of all time.
Some of you may know my friends Tommy, and Ellie Sibiga. They have a son named Tucker that was born extremely early. He has been in the premature baby part of the hospital for quite some time now. He was born with an arm that does not have a bone, and quite honestly I get confused with all that this family has gone through. They are fighters, all of them. Their story can not go untold.
My job from now until Tucker comes home is to follow their story. Tommy and Ellie have allowed me to invade in their privacy and allowed me to come and be a part of something special. I will go into the hospital every week and just hang out with Tucker and the Sibigas, all while documenting this incredible story. Nobody knows when Tucker will be coming home, but I am in it for the long hall.


I will sometimes post some photos on here and sometimes on my Facebook page, but I will unleash everything at the end, when Tucker is home and safe.


So here it is… I have started today.

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