Amy & Stuart Ferguson

I try not to write to much on these blog posts because I am not a big fan of writing. I like to take pictures. This post needs a story behind it though.

Amy and Stuart were amazing. There story is so incredibly cool.

Amy and Stuart were dating in college. They were the average couple that dated to ultimately get married one day. Amy was extremely involved with William and Mary’s ROTC. ROTC preps high school and college students for the military.

Stuart knew that Amy would go into the military and then be deported to Korea for a while. So Stuart did what any boy in love would do. He proposed. He didn’t want to wait though. So they got married… in VEGAS! They traveled to Vegas together, just the two of them and they got married. Amy was soon sent off to serve our country. They spent their first year and half of marriage apart. I have so much respect for these two. This must have been the toughest time for them, but in the end it turned out great. Amy contacted me from Korea, and we planned halfway around the world. She came in a week before their SECOND wedding and then boom; they got married. I was truly honored to be a part of this special day. Everything was perfect and we had an amazing day! Thank you.


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